At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.
Barack Obama

Vom Vorlesen zum selbständigen Lesen: Leseförderung der GGG Stadtbibliothek

Library Fund
GGG public library
Gerbergasse 24
4001 Basel

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The public library of Basel is an institution of the GGG - Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige Basel (association for a good and charitable Basel)

GGG - Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige Basel.

Children’s literature bus with an impressive enjoyment for books

Children’s literature bus
The children’s literature bus of the GGG public library reaches 6000 people each year. Please support this valuable reading promotion.

A bus full of books and playing materials visits neighborhood libraries and centers, playgrounds, parks, and public swimming pools, 49 weeks of the year.

Trained reading animators arrange tailor made and interesting meetings with books for children up to twelve years of age.

Beginner-book children get their first literary experience with verses and stories. Preschool children learn about a wide spectrum of items from pictures to audio-books with the story carousel.In the "Book Gang" school children meet to dive deeper into books.

Yearly, in about 800 expeditions, the children’s literature bus reaches 6000 people. The children’s literature bus is an important instrument to promote reading. With your donation, you enable the GGG public library to offer this program.

Account for Donations: IBAN CH62 0900 0000 4060 9942 4, Postfinance